Center for Workplace Innovation

The way we work is changing. Well-designed workplaces translate into higher productivity, happier teams, longer employee retention, and increased revenue.

The Center for Workplace Innovation is a hub for thought leadership for all — from entry-level employees to CEOs across industries and disciplines. We exist to demonstrate how design and innovation can transform the way we work. Part think tank, part resource — the Center is a platform for content and inspiration, cultivating a global community of thought leaders to advance the field. If we’re successful employees will be happier, healthier, more engaged, and more productive; and companies will achieve greater success, retain top talent, and create more impact.




Our annual Workplace Innovation Summits are the signature events of the Center. Professionals across the workplace industry attend and connect including professionals in business, tech, design, HR, operations, facilities, education, and more. They hear from global thought leaders on what’s next in workplace innovation and leave with strategies they can implement in their own work.



Engagement Matters
Only 30% of employees are engaged at work.This costs US companies $500 billion.


Technology Matters
74% of workers say employers do not give them access to the latest technology to help them do their job more effectively and efficiently.


Talent Matters
41% of new hires fail within the first 18
months due to poor cultural fit. Turnover
costs are estimated to be 1-3x their base salary.


Co-Location Matters
While mobile work is increasing, people who
worked remotely less than 20% of the time
were the most engaged.


Culture Matters
88% of workers value positive company culture as the most essential element to an ideal job.

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This is the least stuffy, most authentic workplace conference, where I’m making true connections, and I go to a lot of conferences.”

— Molly Bales, Chief Development Officer, Adappt

The flow of the day really made sense, from employee engagement to thoughtful implementation, I learned a lot!”

— Katie Kaiser, Design Manager, Gensler

Of all the workplace conferences I attend, this has been the best.”

— Kerri McShea, Senior Strategist, HOK