The Design Museum Education Fund

Partner with us to bring design education to young learners year-round! 

Design Museum Everywhere is committed to supporting the future of design by investing in young people today. Through Design Together, families can explore the design process with a catalog of at-home activities for learners of any age. For teens, the Neighborhood Design Project piloted design curricula for high-schoolers and offered professional development opportunities for their adult educators.

Building on our work with teens, we are reinvigorating our student mentorship program, with a focus on one-on-one relationship building, connecting students with national design leaders, forming a student advisory committee to center the perspectives of the next generation’s creative problem solvers, and structuring professional development learnings. We look forward to sharing opportunities to participate!

Each year, we aim to raise $15,000 towards ambitious youth-centered educational programming. Join our effort by making a donation to the Design Museum Education Fund, helping to ensure these programs are available, accessible, and meeting the needs of the communities we serve year-round.

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