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  • Judith Anderson

    Judith’s current focus is curriculum development & creating collaborative, cross-discipline opportunities for undergraduate students at Massachusetts College of Art & Design. Teaching at all levels of the Industrial Design program, she employs human-centered design methods to design and draws on her engineering background to communicate meaningful & engaged experience. She is building relationships throughout the arts, […]

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  • Kyla Astley

    Kyla has been focused on marketing for the Architecture industry for almost 20 years, working almost exclusively for design firms. She has successfully led these firms’ efforts to win and promote multiple high-profile projects in and around the Boston area and worked side by side with some of the most creative and influential people in […]

  • Joe Baldwin

    Joe Baldwin has been an active member of the Los Angeles and Portland architecture and academic communities for over 20 years. He has spent the last 12 years at Opsis Architecture as a Project Architect and Lead Designer on several award-winning, environmentally sustainable projects. Joe focuses on higher education, arts education, and community-based projects and […]

  • Corinne Barthelemy

    Corinne is versed in designing for a broad array of populations while catering each environment to the unique needs of the particular user. Her process is driven by cognitive psychology and neuroscience, applying empirical research to the user experience. She brings this multifaceted design approach to her partnership with the design team and client to […]

  • Rania Adwan

    Rania Adwan is obsessed with designing systemic change that makes our power structures more fair, just, and equitable. She’s been especially focused on police reform, working with City leaders, oversight agencies, and law enforcement. When she’s not gently pushing cops to do better and be better, she partners with leaders, encouraging and supporting transformation and cultural change. […]

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