Dr. Melissa Steach

Senior Strategist, Well-being, Workplace Experience, MillerKnoll

Dr. Melissa Steach is an industrial-organizational psychologist and overall business creative focused on workplace well-being and holistic leadership. Her passion is for helping organizations develop cultures that enhance, empower and engage their employees for the betterment of everyone. This holistic view – inclusive of the human, built, and intangible environments® – is her definition of workplace well-being.

Melissa employs her 25+ years of art, academic, and business experience – combined with her research on implicit cognition – to help leaders find fresh effective ways to increase productivity, enhance creativity, expand diversity, and encourage engagement.

In her role at Herman Miller Group, Dr. Steach shares research insights to support the ergonomic and well-being needs of organizations by focusing on their most important asset: People. Melissa is an award winning painter, bestselling author, and WELL AP with accreditations in positive psychology interventions and ergonomic assessment. She is also a member of the Office Ergonomics Research Committee.