The Business Behind Design

We all can see the tangible outcome of impactful design, but what goes on behind the scenes to ensure that work is profitable, marketable, and legal?

In our everyday lives we can see the tangible outcome of impactful design. Everything we use: our phones, our cities, our healthcare, has been thoughtfully designed to improve the quality of our lives. But behind those tangible solutions are the inner workings of creative companies. Not only have they figured out how to solve problems through designing innovative products, but they are creatively designing their own internal business practices as well. At February’s UNITE discussion, our panelists will provide insight as to what goes on behind the scenes and discuss how they use their creative process to improve their own bottom line, public perception, and internal culture.

Spend an evening in conversation to explore the key components behind the business of design. Get your tickets now to this impactful evening of networking, refreshments, and great conversation at the Wayfair headquarters.



Mar 5 • 5:30pm – 7:30pm


4 Copley Pl 2nd floor, Boston

Please note, this event date has changed.

Therese Bartolini
Product Design Director

KeyAnna Schmiedl
Global Head, Culture & Inclusion

Andrea Merin
Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P.C.

Carin Stimolo
Director of Design Strategy

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Therese is one of the most effective, organized and inspiring creative leaders to work for. Her poise, vision and execution with clients of every size makes a measurable impact both for the agency and for the clients.”

— Arisa Conwell, User Experience Designer, Microsoft

Aisha’s superpower is her ability to make things happen. She shows up to contribute, own and deliver, regardless of the ask, making her the perfect collaborator, partner in crime and magic-maker!”

— Therese Bartolini, Product Design Director, Wayfair

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4 Copley Pl 2nd floor, Boston, MA 02116, USA

FEB 13 • 5:30-7:30pm

4 Copley Pl 2nd floor, Boston, MA 02116


What To Expect

5:30pm • Doors Open, Grab a Snack and a Beverage

When you arrive get some food and a drink and connect with other attendees. It’s a great time to network and meet new people.

6:00pm • Panel Discussion & Q&A

Our moderator will introduce the three panelists and start the discussion. We like to have audience questions throughout the program, so raise your hand and be part of the conversation!

7:00pm • Mix & Mingle

7:30pm • Event Ends


UNITE is a quarterly event series showcasing the intersection of design and everything else. Each UNITE event brings together four thought leaders around a complex topic like entrepreneurship, healthcare, data visualization, and local manufacturing – and only one of the panelists is a designer.

During the event, all four panelists bring a unique perspective to the conversation and interact with the audience to explore the topic. Following each discussion are drinks, networking, music, and fun.