Design Museum Everywhere Awarded Sappi Ideas that Matter Grant

Graphic of potential Design Museum Magazing cover for the Inclusive Design Issue illustrating a diverse collection of people with a variety of identities.

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a 2023 grant from Sappi’s Ideas that Matter to support an upcoming Inclusive Design project including a special issue of Design Museum Magazine

With this project, Design Museum Everywhere aims to bring awareness to the diversity of human experience and to the importance of inclusive design as a practice and approach for nondesigners and designers. Aligning with a publication focused on inclusive design, the Design Museum will create a “Design Together” activity—a hands-on, design-focused learning activity for kids and families—that will be included within the publication, available online and distributed through community partnerships in Boston, MA and Portland, OR. Design Museum Everywhere will also engage teens through an applied design challenge focused on inclusive design.

Sappi’s Ideas that Matter grant program provides funds for creative professionals working with a non-profit to produce projects for the causes that they care about most. By funding programs designed to make a positive change in our society, Sappi has helped over 500 grant winners bring their vision, strategic thinking and innovative print and communications programs to life. This year, recipients’ projects addressed a range of issues, including restorative justice, diversity and inclusion, intergenerational engagement, education, urban segregation and community building. Since 2021, entrants have been asked to align their submissions with at least one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ensuring that grant applications are focused on critical and timely global societal concerns.

By helping to support nonprofits—that are tackling these important issues through the impact of great design and the power of print on paper—the seven selected grants will make a difference in lives and communities around the world. We’re proud to be among the Sappi 2023 Ideas that Matter grant recipients!

Click here, for more information on projects included in the Sappi Ideas That Matter grant announcement.