The 50/50 Membership Challenge

Help us bring Design Museum Everywhere… everywhere!

Join Design Museum in an effort to grow our community.

We’re now Design Museum Everywhere – bringing the museum to you, no matter where you are! With the launch of Design Museum Everywhere comes a fun challenge, and we need your help. We’re looking for members in every state and from as many countries as possible so we can bring great design to all corners of the globe.

Design is Everywhere. So are we. Our goal is to show it by growing membership across 50 states and 50 countries, raising $50k in 50 days! Join our global community today!

Design Museum Everywhere goes right to our members with free access to virtual events, cool discounts, and of course Design Museum Magazine. All members as of May 8th will be recognized in the Summer issue of Design Museum Magazine. Explore the levels of membership!

Keep your eye on the maps, which we will be updating throughout the challenge.

States We’re Missing: 

Alabama • Maine • Michigan • Minnesota • Montana • New Mexico • Vermont • West Virginia • Wisconsin • Wyoming

Some Countries We’re Missing: 

Chile • Finland • France • Iceland • India • Ireland • New Zealand • Norway • Russia • South Africa • And more!

Here’s your mission:

Help us connect with members from all 50 states in the U.S. and from 50 countries by June 17th, 2020.


How to help:

Already a member?
Gift a membership!
Become an ambassador!


Spread the word to help us fill the maps.
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  • Raise $50,000 • 32 days to go 6% 6%
  • 50 States 74% 74%
  • 50 Countries 30% 30%