Explore These New We Design Career Stories

What do a hip hop producer, a fashion designer, an urban designer, and a fiber artist have in common? Find out in the latest We Design update.

Urban designer Suenn Ho crafting a work on paper.

Urban Designer Suenn Ho working on a colorful design.

By Journee Harris & Mallorie Hsu

Since its inception, We Design has been committed to showcasing creative professionals from all walks of life and this recent update perfectly captures the range of creativity and cultural diversity that exists in the design field.

We recently added career stories from four designers with unique backgrounds yet a common interest in creative problem-solving. We feature Jonas Angelet, a beatmaker, designer, and community builder, whose own identity has always been rooted in design, and fashion designer Wookie Fields, founder of the menswear brand Jaefields, whose early start in design began with him creating garments for himself.

Each new feature reminds us that historical and cultural knowledge is an important part of creative problem-solving. Suenn Ho’s exposure to design was largely influenced by her father, a famous Chinese architect, and today she works to reveal the history and heritage of communities through urban design. Additionally, the impact of history and culture manifests in fiber artist Kelsey Peterson’s work, as she pays homage to woman makers in her own tapestry and weaving practice. 

From beat-making to designing heritage sites, We Design has a story for every interest and calling. 

New career stories: 

Jonas Angelet Community Programs Manager of Portland Center Stage at the Armory
Wookie Fields Founder of Jaefields
Suenn Ho Principal & Urban Designer of SUENN HO Design
Kelsey Peterson Fiber Artist