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Portrait of Wookie smiling.

Wookie Fields

Founder • Jaefields

Wookie Fields is the founder of Jaefields.

Photos courtesy of Wookie Fields

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One thing I am proud of is the fact that I’m still doing what I set out to do without giving up. I’ve had my share of successful launches and financial gains, but all that comes and goes. For me to still have the same drive, trying to still create better garments every day is something I’m proud of.

Wookie Fields

Wookie Fields created the Portland-made menswear brand Jaefields as a style-forward apparel and accessories line sourced from quality, raw goods across the world. Inspired by cultural elements, his collections embody modern minimalist design and attention to detail, while delivering on the brand’s mission of providing versatility and function.

Jaefields started as a passion project for the Portland-based designer, who began creating garments for himself that could be worn from work to the weekend. Wookie’s mission is to provide clothing that embraces everyday wear for everyone; designing styles that have a clean aesthetic and attract attention, while standing out from the crowd. His designs are inspired by and celebrate elements from his art, travels, culture and his beloved city of Portland. Jaefields creates unique styles with a focus on construction and wearability, from understated basics and wardrobe essentials to statement pieces resulting from excellence in craftsmanship. The contemporary garments are new and unexpected, evolving with the experimental fashion landscape, and making their mark in the menswear space. Inspired to make something exclusive and uncommon, Wookie creates something simple yet distinct through his choices in fabric, silhouette, texture, and color; a wardrobe reflective of his personal and design style that he now shares with others.

Jaefields clothing on a model.
Two models wearing Jaefields clothing.
Jaefields clothing on a model.

PErsonal History

Four Jaefield basic t-shirts layered on top of each other. One is burgundy, another is yellow, the next is brown and the last shirt is red and white striped.
Jaefields basic t-shirt line.
Born to Style

“I grew up in the suburbs of Portland, mostly playing sports, camping and traveling the world with my parents. I always did have passion for fashion, which then evolved into styling and then design. Exposure to different cultures, environments, and settings really propelled my drive to be ‘ready’ for all occasions. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be presentable. Once when I was four, I woke up extra early to get ready for church in the dark. Not knowing I skipped a hole while buttoning my shirt, I immediately reached for my scissors and ‘corrected’ the front length.”

Starting with the Basics

“Going into college I was determined to get a technical degree. After working in the tech industry for a few years, I decided to follow my passion into product design. My family has always been supportive, but my mom also helped me to understand the importance of patience and persistence. She always pushed me to master the basic skills, and then start expanding. I took that approach with apparel, which led to me launching my first basic line back in 2012.”

Out of my Comfort Zone

“A moment that stands out the most for me in my career was visiting San Francisco and doing a small pop-up at my good friend’s shop. It was out of my comfort zone. I had no real market down there nor did I have any pull or connections to attract a crowd. Regardless of all that, through the power of social media, we had an amazing pop-up shop experience, meeting new people and sharing love for all things design.”

Wide shot photo of Jaefields retail space. In the shop there are wood floors with a table in the center and tall white walls holding racks for several hung t-shirts.
Jaefields retail shop, which also provides services like sewing and photography to help young designers get started.
Portrait photo of Wookie leaning against a wooden table, hands in his pockets and right leg crossed over the left, while looking off to the distance. Around him are additional wooden tables with light bulbs sticking out. In the background are interior office glass windows.
Wookie Fields poses in an office.
Create Your Own Manual

“There’s no real guideline or a manual that you can follow to start out. Everyone has their own path and makes their own path. If there’s one thing I can recommend to someone who’s looking to get into this field, it’s to really do deep-dive research of all things related to fashion and the industry. There’s so much information out there; it’s up to you to put the manual together. Because everyone has different stories, don’t expect seniors to spoon feed you nor take their advice to heart, as things might not be the right fit for you. You have to listen to what you want to do because in the end it’s you that’s designing, not the other way around. Learn how to crawl before you try to run. It’s easier moving up rather than moving down to go back up.”

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