New Year, New Features: We Design features five new career stories and is now accepting nominations

Do you know of a creative professional that you would like to see featured in We Design? We welcome your nominations.

Mural that says 'For a very rich life, know your ABC's. Always. Be. Creating."

One of MegZany’s murals in downtown LA.

By Mallorie Hsu & Journee Harris

We Design is an online exhibition highlighting the voices of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), women, and gender non-conforming people in design. In our recent updates, we feature designers like Fan Bi, an entrepreneur who is passionate about bringing creative fashion and custom men’s clothing to the public, Abibat Durosimi, another fashion entrepreneur who focuses on uplifting people of color in the beauty realm, and MegZany, a street artist and curator who promotes equality and creativity through graffiti art.  

This year, we are taking We Design nominations from our Design Museum Everywhere community! Whether they have careers rooted in technology, like research and development scientist Janet Sei, or are skilled in graphic design like talented artist and illustrator Reshidev Rk, we look forward to featuring designers that play a unique role in implementing diversity, equity and inclusion into their own practice. 

We Design as an exhibition and education program serves as a resource to young people finding their way into and across creative careers. As We Design expands it is essential that we involve our Design Museum Everywhere community in the process. And that is where you come in. Nominations are simple, we ask for the name of your nominee, the design fields they work in, why you believe they should be featured in the exhibition, and where we can get in contact with them. To nominate a designer, complete the featured designer nomination form found at the bottom of the We Design exhibition page and within each We Design design field page. Take a look at the new career stories we have added for some nomination inspiration!

New career stories:
Fan Bi Founder & CEO of Blank Label
MegZany Street Artist and Curator
Janet Sei Research & Development Scientist and CEO of Miriam Sei Education Inc
Reshidev Rk Senior Designer of Wieden+Kennedy
Abibat Durosimi Stylist & Founder of Bloom Beauty Collective