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  • Workplace InnovationIssue 012

    From Forest to Oasis

    To encourage success, workplaces should be environments that foster wellness by reducing stress, providing flexibility, and increasing productivity.

  • Data VisualizationIssue 011

    Urban Revolution through Data

    Imagine you own a house on a 1/4 acre lot. Meanwhile, your neighbor a few blocks down has a full acre lot. What value does your land have, compared to your neighbor’s land?

    City skyline
  • Workplace InnovationIssue 011

    Learning Beautiful

    Computer science seems complex. From Boolean logic to algorithms, computer architecture and data structures, a dizzying spectrum of elements all weave together as an intricate system – a system almost as complex as language.

  • Workplace InnovationIssue 011

    Designing Greentown Labs

    Imagine a world where the sun and wind are our main sources of affordable power, where solar-powered robotic boats navigate dangerous waters, where fuel cell vehicles are the norm, and where all food production is safe and sustainable. This is the world the innovators at Greentown Labs are creating.

    industrial style office space
  • DiversityIssue 011

    Inclusion Applied Creatively

    Kat Holmes began her career in mechanical engineering, but found her design calling while working on many different technologies at Microsoft. Her path of curiosity revealed a common theme in her work: inclusive design improves our interactions, both with humans and machines.

  • HealthcareIssue 010

    The Collaborative Relationship

    I am a prosthetist at Hanger Clinic working in multiple offices across Massachusetts. As a prosthetist, I measure, design, fit, and help in maintaining prosthetic devices for my patients.

    fitting prosthetic leg
  • Workplace InnovationIssue 010

    Turning the Inside Out

    Remember back in college when you begged your professor to hold class in the quad under a tree? It turns out, you were onto something.

  • BusinessIssue 010

    Sell by Design

    When Sachin Rai boarded a Greyhound bus in San Francisco, he had little idea that his trip to Los Angeles would land him a multimillion-dollar sales contract.

  • DiversityIssue 010

    Purpose Driven Design

    Amy Heymans (Cueva) Chief Experience Officer, Mad*Pow

    Amy Heymans
  • EntrepreneurshipIssue 009

    Create Local, Launch Global

    Long before industrialization and a global economy, nearly every product someone used would have been made by a local craftsman from locally-sourced materials. Can we learn from that model and make it work again today?