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  • Workplace InnovationIssue 007

    Kronites Unite!

    With a spirit of inspiration and innovation the employees of Kronos are proudly part of a culture driven by vision, purpose, and commitment. Kronos has created a special place to work that resonates with their employees, fondly nicknamed “Kronites.”

    Kronos’ new headquarters consolidated three former sites, bringing 1,500 employees under one roof in Lowell, MA to increase collaboration and innovation.
  • Workplace InnovationIssue 007

    Connecting a Vertical Campus

    A few years ago, the employee journey at Adobe’s downtown San Jose headquarters looked much different than it does today. A major transformation resulted in a workplace of the future that supports employees’ varying work modes throughout their day.

  • Workplace InnovationIssue 007

    Science on Display

    Every day there are people in the world waking up to hug children, work, cook, travel, play, and seize another day of life... people who might not be able to do so without the novel therapeutics and treatments for diseases that we have today.

  • EducationIssue 006

    Open Schools

    Disruption is coming to education in the form of new learning space designs that upend the traditional classroom as we know it.

    School work space
  • HealthcareIssue 006

    Moving Faster

    The process for creating prosthetic devices is painfully slow and based on out-dated technology. Digital tools and 3D printing can change everything; they certainly did for Paralympic cyclist, Denise Schindler.

  • Vibrant Cities, Data VisualizationIssue 006

    Compact Urban Living

    Living in Boston is great, if you can afford it. A new design methodology for housing might hold the key to both affordability and livability.

  • HealthcareIssue 005

    Human Operating System

    Design Thinking for Sustainable Healthcare

  • Social ImpactIssue 005

    From Pod to Place

    Todd Ferry guided students in the process of building a neighborhood of homes for some of Portland's houseless community.

  • EducationIssue 005

    Making Space for Makers

    “By making, students take control of their own learning by incorporating experiences that often deal with the messiness and unpredictability of the real world.”

  • Vibrant CitiesIssue 004

    Architecture in Revolution

    Why Cuba? After watching the documentary Unfinished Spaces, I fell in love with the idea of visiting Cuba. The film chronicles an arts-focused campus that Fidel Castro commissioned soon after his socialist regime gained control of the island, and then the campus’ ultimate demise. The documentary artfully weaves the design and construction of the art schools with the political climate of Fidel’s regime. The film was an inspiring starting point for my research.