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  • Sketch Series: Draw Footwear with Michael DiTullo

    You’re stuck at home, why not learn to draw from the experts?

    Jun 26 2020

  • ActivityEducation

    Sustainability: Draft Finder

    Learners will improve the energy efficiency in their homes by creating a draft meter and draft stopper.

  • Healthcare

    Open Source Wellness

    Move. Nourish. Connect. Be. We’re living through a challenging time, our wellness and wellbeing are so important right now (and always!). Open Source Wellness is a new model for improving personal and community health. Learn about it from the Co-Founders, two Ph.D. psychologists that are changing the game in healthcare.

    May 26 2020

  • BlogHealthcare

    The Telehealth Moment

    As COVID-19 is rapidly digitizing the day to day of our society, the medical field has been forced to translate patient care from in person to over the phone. While medical professionals had not been avid to use telehealth in the past, this new global challenge has set new parameters for medical practice and the modernization of medicine is underway.

  • Podcast

    Working Remotely During and After a Pandemic

    Unless you’re an essential worker (thank you), you’re likely working from home right now. And for many of us, this is a whole new reality.

    Woman sitting on floor in living room working on laptop
  • Healthcare

    CPAP Helmet for COVID-19

    There’s an alternative for putting COVID-19 patients directly on a ventilator, but hospitals in the United States lack the necessary breathing device that could save thousands of lives. We’re asking you to make it, at scale.

  • ActivityEducation

    Building Blocks: Measurement Madness

    Learners will measure things in their environment and understand scale and proportions.

  • Mini-Moonshots

    Design can be transformational when applied to the biggest problems facing our world.

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    Sketch Series: Draw Objects with Derek Cascio Recap

    Even in our ever-increasingly-digitized world, representing your ideas quickly and visually is just as important as ever. In April, we went back to basics with Derek Cascio.

  • BlogSocial Impact


    The #MuseumsFromHome trend is growing, largely as museums cater to societal demands in the wake of COVID-19. Although the swift change toward digitizing scholarly materials and exhibitions has been fueled by quarantine, this push toward accessibility has long been awaited. Looking now at our beloved museums in the digital landscape, it is time to consider what aspects of digital museum culture should be accepted into our new normal.