TeamBoard of Directors

Tracy Swyst

Design Operations Consultant + Producer

A senior leader in Design Operations, Tracy’s career has networked her with a countless number of design professionals from nearly every discipline. She is a savvy choreographer of resources, stakeholders and team members, balancing competing needs while confidently addressing conflict and keeping people accountable. Tracy brings a working knowledge of the mechanics and operations that fuel the process of graphic design, branding, marketing, industrial design, and user experience design in varying many forms. When faced with a complex business problem, much like a designer she’ll consider all of the variables, aligning and realigning them, iterating the process, until the most effective solution has been arranged. She enjoys the challenge of identifying the core issue, and the nearly audible spark of arriving at the right solution. Clients include AIGA, Boston Society of Architects, DIGMA, IDSA, Filmmaker’s Collaborative, Bose Corporation, Korn Design, Marquis Design, and MITs Sloan School of Management.