Ryann Hoffman

Founding Partner, Principal Staircase Strategy

In a time of increasing interconnection and churn, Ryann Hoffman’s work as a Systems Designer and Design Strategist fuels her passion for solving complex problems. An expert in Human-Centered Design, Ryann has spent the last decade leading innovation initiatives at the product/service level for organizations like Capital One and AARP, at the experience level for Johns Hopkins Medicine Sibley Hospital, and at the large-scale systems level for the World Bank and the Government of Madagascar. Through leading and practicing design, Ryann found purpose in coaching and facilitating. She watched the most well-intentioned, competent teams struggle to create impact because they lacked the support and curriculum to imbue design beyond densely packed workshops, and into their daily workflows, collaborations, and mindsets.

As a Design Instructor and Facilitator, Ryann has worked with Harvard University and the Bloomberg Foundation, AmeriCorps, and other leading institutions leveraging design to make their respective dents in the world’s challenges. These days she’s finding purpose in sharing her expertise in remote experiences and facilitation to help organizations thrive through the many pivots of 2020. Her circuitous route to this calling includes her Masters in Public Administration, a stint in the music industry, and an early foundation in digital media production and visual design. When she’s not working, Ryann loves learning about the brain, playing the piano, and aspires to be more mindful.