Ravi Rao

Associate | Lead Interior Designer, Taylor Design

Ravi Rao is Associate | Lead Interior Designer at Taylor Design. He has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Iowa State University and an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts. He has been in the architecture industry for 15 years with design projects spanning the spectrum from residential, government/military, corporate offices, infrastructure, aviation, healthcare, science & tech, and senior living.

His most recent project work in the healthcare field has opened a window into the positive impact design can play in the healing process. Healthcare spaces contain critical moments when humans are under a great deal of stress. Thoughtful and human-centered design can ease these stresses, which propels his passion for this work.

Ravi believes that the design of physical spaces is not limited to the aesthetic interventions a designer can recommend. The influence a designer can bring extends into the mental and emotional experience humans go through. Understanding behavior is an essential part of creating meaningful spaces. This understanding should influence and ground the design aesthetic.

Ravi is also deeply curious about the interesting and awkward intersection of people and space. His work aims to bring meaning to this intersection and guide teams to solving problems beyond surface needs – to look toward their core.