Jodi Vautrin

Senior User Experience Designer, Sonos

Jodi Vautrin is a Senior User Experience Designer at Sonos, working at the intersection of hardware and software. A systems thinker, she is driven to design products that transform people’s tangible and intangible experiences with the world around them. She describes her role as “translator between humans and technology”, with the ultimate goal of empowering people to live better and happier.

Jodi has 25 years of experience in digital interface and user experience design, built on a background of graphic design, branding, early web design, and information architecture. Relishing the experience of working from different design angles, she has taken her career through small digital design shops, advertising agencies, innovation design firms, and in-house product and software companies. She thrives in multi-disciplinary, forward-thinking environments that provide varied perspectives and challenge her to think in different ways.

Outside the office, in pandemic-free times, you can find Jodi at live music shows, hunting for mid-century modern furniture and art, cooking, having cocktails and dinner with friends, and planning her next travel adventure with her husband, Christopher. They live in Somerville, MA with their two rescue pitties, Toby & Stella.