Catherine Amidon

Grants Manager

Catherine Amidon (she/her) earned her master’s and PhD. from the Sorbonne, France. Her dissertation on art and politics in France in the 1930s arose from her work at the Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris. She taught Art and Design History at the Kansas City Art Institute and was awarded a Fulbright-Hayes for Comparative Cultural Diversity in Transition in the Baltic States and Russia. She worked with twenty female fiber artists during the post-Soviet transition, the exhibition Different Voices: New Art from Poland traveled to six US cities. She was the catalog author for the first Jamaican Pavilion at the Venice Biennial 2002; and was awarded a Fulbright to Kingston, Jamaica. Amidon was the Founding Director of the transdisciplinary Museum of the White Mountains. Her Grandmother, a costume designer for MGM in the roaring twenties, started her on her art odyssey.


She lives North of Boston, near the ocean, with her Siamese Lafayette and Lincoln, and loves the mountains.