Students and Design Museum Everywhere

With the closure of physical campuses and the move towards online learning, Design Museum Everywhere has been working to create opportunities and resources for students of all ages affected.

By Diana Navarrete-Rackauckas

For our K-12 learners and their teachers, we’ve developed Design Together – a catalog of design activities you can do on your own or with family and friends. We believe there’s no better way to learn than by doing so each design activity challenges you to work through the design process by creating and executing your own ideas. The activities are flexible – allowing learners of any age to tackle the challenge on their own or with a design team (the adults in their lives). Materials can all be found in a standard classroom or at home, but feel free to get as creative and high tech as you like.

Are you a teen looking to actually do something with other people? Let us introduce you to our new program called Design Museum LIVE. Design Museum LIVE is our ongoing series of virtual events featuring talks and conversations with design thought leaders around the world. Part of this new program is a sketch series – designed to help anyone learn more about sketching for design. For example, we’ve featured an object designer, an architect, and a footwear designer!

So what’s the benefit for teens? You can attend any Design Museum LIVE sketching event for FREE. Just fill out this form, and we’ll verify your student status and send you a special promo code. 

We haven’t forgotten our college students! With an unclear path for the fall and many new grads (congrats class of 2020!) entering the workforce – we figured you could use some design inspiration. Thanks to our amazing Board of Directors, for every new member who signs up in the month of May we will be giving a student or a recent grad a free 1-year membership to Design Museum Everywhere! Are you a student looking to take advantage of that deal? Click below to save your spot on the waitlist for free student membership. Every time a qualifying Individual Membership is donated, we will select the next verified student on the waitlist and contact them to complete their free student membership subscription.

Design Museum Everywhere is committed to highlighting and fostering design impact. Giving students access to design education and conversations with real designers is an integral part of setting ourselves up for a better future. Be part of that movement by becoming a member today. Remember every Individual Membership or higher purchased in the month of May means a free student membership for an excited student! Already a member? Gift one!