Sam Aquillano

Executive Director, Design Museum Foundation

Sam Aquillano is Founder and Executive Director of Design Museum Foundation, a national network of local design museums operating three sites Design Museum Boston, Design Museum Portland in Oregon, Design Museum San Francisco, and growing across the country. Their mission is to educate the world about the importance of design in our lives.

Design is everywhere, so the museum has no permanent address — instead, Sam and his team turn the museum inside out and turn entire cities into locally-focused, nomadic design museums. Sam earned a BFA in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology and went on to design consumer electronics at Bose Corporation, as well as to teach design at Wentworth Institute of Technology, MassArt, and Babson College — where he earned his MBA.

With a passion for design, creativity, and learning, Sam creates a long-term vision for the museum and leads a dedicated team while managing key programs and strategic operations. In 2013 Sam and his team were named one of BostInno’s 50 on Fire.

Liz Pawlak

Vice President, Design Museum Foundation

Liz is the Vice President of Design Museum Foundation. She has a background in architecture and a passion for design. Her goal is to elevate design through education and her work with the Museum is constantly upholding that.  Liz places real value on clear communication and thoughtful design.

After earning a Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University, Liz went on to work as a Designer at Payette for five years. She worked on laboratory and healthcare projects that ranged in scale from a room to an entire University. Her expertise in workplace culture and education stemmed from her time as the co-chair of Payette’s Young Designers Core (YDC),  where she developed unique educational opportunities within the firm. Since, she has presented on such topics as, Developing Young Leaders and Generosity in the Workplace.





Catalina Rojo Ianetta

Community Manager, Design Museum Boston

As Community Manager, Catalina is excited to elevate the Design Museum brand and grow the Museum to become an integral part of the Boston landscape. She is passionate about event management and community relations, and always has a pulse on what’s going on in Boston.

Catalina holds a BA in Public Relations and Art History and a MS in Communications Management, both from Simmons College. She brings 10+ years of experience working with museums, galleries, nonprofits, performing arts organizations, and in higher education.

Outside of work Catalina loves spending time with her husband, daughter, dogs, and cat. She is an avid traveler and travel photographer, and you can always ask her if you need a recommendation for restaurants/bars in Boston!

Amanda Hawkins

Exhibitions Manager, Design Museum Foundation

Amanda is the Exhibitions Manager for Design Museum Foundation.  With a degree in Art History from Skidmore College she is devoted to museum education and a self-described ‘organized creative’.  A lifelong passion for art and design led to her work with contemporary art museums and design firms from New York City to Florence, Italy.

Amanda thrives in collaborative environments and combines her wide range of interests and experiences at Design Museum Foundation where she works to curate, produce, and travel national exhibitions about design. Originally from New Hampshire, she is very proud of her years of volunteer work with children and enjoys traveling and playing tennis.

Erica Rife

Managing Director, Design Museum Portland

Erica Rife is the Managing Director of Design Museum Portland. She comes from a professional background of early-stage startup support and program design, with a personal passion for art history and nutrition.

Erica began her career at MassChallenge, the world’s largest startup accelerator, where she served as the Program Director of events and educational curriculum. She holds a special interest in designing experiences and educational programs for innovative thinkers while benefitting the community as a whole. Erica loves her dog Jackson L. Samuel, hummus, hedgehogs, and Batman. She is seeking Portland’s best nachos and is open for suggestions!

Jordan Hall

Community Development Associate

Jordan Hall is the Community Development Associate for Design Museum Portland. She has a background in graphic design and publications, with a passion for print media and typography. She is devoted to process, creative expression, and great design.

Jordan’s appreciation and love for the creative community comes from her time working in the publishing world for several local newspapers in her Illinois hometown. She later accepted a role in Brand Marketing at Groupon during their hyper-growth phase and helped develop the editorial voice the brand became known for. Jordan is passionate about Portland, great bagels, and as a Chicago native, has strong opinions about pizza, winter, and whether ketchup belongs on hot dogs.

Diana Navarrete-Rackauckas

Education Programs Specialist, Design Museum Foundation

Diana Navarrete-Rackauckas is the Education Programs Specialist for Design Museum Foundation. A museum educator and diversity advocate, Diana is passionate about creating accessible and interactive educational experiences for local audiences. Raised in an immigrant family and community, she is dedicated to holding inclusive spaces that empower participants to more confidently navigate their worlds.

Before entering her current role, she has shared her talents with museums across the country and presented her research at multiple conferences including ones hosted by the Museum Educators of Southern California and Yale University. She holds an M.A in Art History from the University of California, Riverside and a B.A. in Art History and Religion from Oberlin College.

Jennifer Jackson

Executive Associate, Design Museum Foundation

Jennifer is the Executive Associate at Design Museum Foundation. Originally from Los Angeles, Jennifer graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in Studio Art with a focus in Design and a double minor in Psychology and Architectural Studies.


Through her experience in political and consulting non-profits, Jennifer links together the intersections of business, art, and education to make things happen. Jennifer is motivated to make Design Museum accessible and exciting for people from all backgrounds. She enjoys the great outdoors and fulfilling her lifelong quest to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

Ryan Pflaum

Design Producer, Design Museum Foundation

Ryan is the Design Producer for Design Museum Foundation. His background is in industrial design, which he studied at the University of Cincinnati. While his formal training is in design, Ryan also thinks of himself as a bit of an engineer – he enjoys using design to solve problems by bridging different areas of expertise.

Ryan is passionate about design, engineering, technology, STEM education, and continually learning. He has worked in a variety of design fields, including apps, furniture, packaging, and consultancies. Ryan works to craft quality experiences and products by considering the broad goals and details of each project. New to the Boston area, Ryan loves exploring the city and finding new places and unique experiences.

Maya Dottin

Event Producer, Design Museum Boston

Maya is the Event Producer for Design Museum Boston.