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  • BusinessIssue 016

    Designing for Designers

    If you’ve ever taken on a design project with a designer for a client, you know that dueling opinions often lead to frustration—theirs, yours, or both. It stands to reason, because designers are paid to have strong points of view. They know what they like. They have their own ideas and lofty goals. Designer egos? Let’s just say, self-confidence is a practical job requirement. And as consultants themselves, they know the traditional client management tricks and aren’t likely to appreciate being “handled.” Now imagine that your client is a whole room full of designers. Are you brave enough (foolish enough?) to believe you can lead them to accept your vision?

  • Workplace InnovationIssue 016

    The Rise of the Remote Meeting

    Those of us who chose to work remotely before 2020, at a time when we could move freely between our home offices and our communities, did so with immense privilege. I am one of these people.

  • Social ImpactIssue 016

    Igniting Social Change Through a Screen

    Writer’s Block inK was started in 2003 in New London, Connecticut, as a non-profit organization to support youth in writing and performing as tools to address personal and social challenges on the community stage.

  • EntrepreneurshipIssue 016

    Career Interrupted

    For the past 20 years, I have helped businesses build innovation teams and helped design professionals find career success.