The Climate Change Issue

Design Museum Magazine Issue 020

The Climate Change Issue focuses on design for a warming world, including modeling the future, working towards health equity, and creating under constraint.
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Design Museum Magazine’s Fall 2021 issue is available for purchase. The Climate Change Issue features eight in-depth pieces on designing for a warming world, including modeling the future, cultivating health equity through Afro-Indigenous farming, and creating with the goal of zero waste in mind.

“If you’re not taking action—any action—you’re complicit. I’m complicit. I hope you enjoy this special issue of Design Museum Magazine, and I hope it inspires you to take action, however seemingly small and insignificant it might seem, trust me, it will matter in the end for our little blue planet—our home.” Sam Aquillano, Letter from the Editor.

 The Climate Change Issue features:

  • A hands-on Design Activity featuring a thought experiment and a DIY tutorial for a zero waste utensil holder;
  • An exploration of the future of climate tech by Susan Gladwin, Climate Tech Business Leader and Sustainability Strategist;
  • An interview with Amber Arnold, SUSU commUNITY Farm’s Collaborative Director, about southern Vermont’s Afro-Indigenous stewarded farm and land-based healing center;
  • A photo collection dedicated to our connection to the wild by Ami Vitale, National Geographic Photographer and filmmaker;
  • A new approach to product manufacturing in the age of global warming by Ren DeCherney, Business Development Manager for Manufacturers and Interiors, International Living Future Institute;
  • A conversation on regenerative practices in agriculture with Jonathan Anderson, Human-Centered Design Practitioner, and David Leon, Co-founder and Executive Director, Farmer’s Footprint;
  • A collection of student visions for a future with rising seas by Claire Martin, Project Manager, ReMain Nantucket;
  • A peek into a zero waste startup by Shelly Xu, Founder of SXD;
  • And an article on meeting your climate responsibility by Lisa Cunningham and Jesse Gray.

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Published September 2021

Language: English

92 Pages


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