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Design Museum Magazine Issue 026

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Design Museum Magazine’s Winter 2024 issue is available for purchase. The Inclusive Design Issue includes twelve in-depth pieces that explore the diversity of the human experience and the importance of inclusive design as a practice and approach for nondesigners and designers. We have gathered a variety of voices to help us understand the historical and contemporary definitions of inclusive design, demonstrate practical applications and strategies around inclusive design, and offer stories of inclusive design in the built environment, work, and life.  

We hope this issue will inspire conversations about inclusive design–the good, the bad, and the complicated. The inspiration for this issue came through discussions with staff and our community on how design and structures of oppression affect all parts of any design process. Everything is designed, and therefore everything can be dismantled and redesigned.

J.R. Uretsky, Letter from the Editor

The Inclusive Design Issue features:

  • Accessibility and Inclusion in Housing Design by Anne Riggs
  • What Do You Want? I Got You by ET Russian
  • Design for Everyone – Where to Begin? by Jennifer C. Schmidt
  • What Barriers Still Exist Today by Former Senator Tom Harkin, Jason Kruse, and Kevin Nordmeyer
  • Designing for Grief by AJ Johannes
  • How Can We Design for Disabled Joy? by Hannah Silver & Holst Architecture
  • Innovators for Purpose: Where Inclusion, Design, and Youth Empowerment Converge by Michael K. Dawson and Donna Dawson
  • The Case for Inclusive Classroom Acoustics by Nicole Cuff
  • Combat Inclusion-Washing as We Advocate for Inclusive Design by Kamara Sudberry
  • Inclusive Design + Empathy Roundtable Discussion – A conversation with Josephine Holmboe, Anne Peterson, and moderated by Emma Stone
  • The Challenges of Applying Inclusive Design in Healthcare by Kelsey Werner, Amy Wicks, and Nedret Sahin
  • Intimacy – What is it and Why is Love So Hard to Find? by Risham Nadeem and Aidan Borer

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Published January 2024

Language: English

150 Pages

Pre-order: Ships January 2024


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