The Footwear Issue

Design Museum Magazine Issue 022

Learn about the process and future of footwear design.
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Design Museum Magazine’s Summer 2022 issue is available for purchase. The Footwear Issue features nine in-depth pieces on the design of footwear, including significant moments in footwear history, the design process, and what the future of footwear looks like.

Shoes are such a great subject to uncover and demystify design — they have utility and technology, style and energy.”

— Sam Aquillano, Letter from the Editor.

 The Footwear Issue features:

  • A photo essay of designers’ favorite projects, from a collection of footwear designers;
    The story behind the S.E.E.D. school of footwear design by Cheresse Thornhill-Goldson, S.E.E.D. Design Director and Jessica Smith, S.E.E.D. Co-Founder;
  • A history of key figures in footwear history by Stephen Opie, Principal, Opie Design;
    A personal interview with Chris Dixon, Footwear Designer, Timberland, & Founder and Creative Director, Cnstnt:Dvlpmnt;
  • A reflection on how the company MISE reinvented footwear for the culinary industry by Erik Hernandez, Founder, MISE;
  • An in-depth look into the shoe design and development process by Susan Ryder, Owner, Susan Ryder Design;
  • An article about how design consultants work to create meaningful products with Ann Williams, Creative Director – Product Design and Project Management, Schwilliamz, and Dean Schwartz, Co-Director, Schwilliamz;
  • A peek into how Reebok created their product archive, and why other brands should, too, by Erin Narloch, Founder & Consultant, PastForward, Head of Web3, Enwoven;
  • And a glimpse into the future of footwear and NFTs by Stephanie Howard & Bennet Collen, Co-founders, Endstate

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Published June 2022

Language: English

88 Pages


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