Design & Play

Imagination Needs Places to Thrive

A book about design and the importance of outdoor play.
Design & Play features 40 case studies of extraordinary playscapes from around the world with full-color photos, images of the design process, and stories behind these incredible play environments. It also contains a 200-year timeline of playscape history, summary research on the science of play, and articles from play experts on their work in the field.

Inspired by our Extraordinary Playscapes exhibition that has travelled to six locations across the U.S., Design & Play shares inspirational play spaces, historical context, and stories behind what makes these playscapes so extraordinary. Parents, educators, designers/design enthusiasts, and kids-at-heart will discover what’s possible when play and design come together. This publication was community driven through a Kickstarter campaign. Relive the campaign here and learn all about Design & Play by watching our Kickstarter video:


Published December 2017

Design Museum Press

Paperback 186 pages

Language: English

Dimensions: 10 x 1 x 10 inches