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Design Museum Magazine Issue 023

Discover the design behind government systems and services.
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As part of our efforts to encourage creative problem solvers to participate in public service and civic innovation, we have made Design Museum Magazine’s Fall 2022 issue available for free online via the below links. The print edition is also available for purchase. The Design in Government Issue features eight in-depth pieces on the design behind government services and processes, including the design of the court system, design applications to policy, and how we can better design our government.

“Designing government better and designing a better government includes engaging communities as we design public services, to, as Ayana Pressley says, bring people in the most pain closest to the power.”

— Dana Chisnell, Letter from the Editor.

 Design in Government features:

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Published October 2022

Language: English

68 Pages


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We’ve made the content available online for free to encourage our community to participate in public service and civic innovation. 
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