Diversity in Action

Training for individuals and organizations on taking action to bring more equitable practices, diverse representation, and liberated design to their industry.
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At Design Museum Everywhere, we fully believe that good design is not possible without equity, diversity, and liberation. With this in mind, we asked ourselves: What initiatives can we lead to promote this belief?

Diversity in Action is a multi-session training that offers individuals and organizations a next step in taking decisive action on inequity and the lack of representation in design industries. Its sessions give participants the time, processes, and resources to help transform their industry through equitable practices and vital company initiatives.

Diversity in Action approaches training with the best practices of design in mind.

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Over the course of 3 months, participants come together for two half-day training sessions where they will learn why diversity, equity and inclusion creates better design and business outcomes, how to build and foster diverse teams, and discuss how to give back to communities.Folks participate as cohorts of individual designers or private sessions scheduled for organizations. As a group, participants engage in breakout sessions, reflection, high energy conversations, and a set of self-led deeper learning exercises accompanied by resource sheets and conversation prompts. Designers at all levels of experience will learn how to become curious leaders, with resources and tools to take action, including digital artifacts they will co-create in the sessions.

Cohort Dates

Our next cohort dates will be announced in Fall 2021.

Private Sessions

Private training sessions can also be scheduled for organizations of all sizes. 


The group conversation at the end really got to the core of some of the barriers for designing in an equitable manner.”

Anonymous Participant

I feel like [our discussion of unconscious bias] will help me to pause and ask “what user groups are we forgetting, during requirements gathering?”

Andrea Baker

Business Development Leader, CannonDesign

Engaging with the other participants and understanding their current situations within their organizations helped me gauge where my own company is in comparison.”

Ed Herrera

Senior Associate, BRIC Architecture

What’s Included

  • 2 half-day training sessions
  • Welcome Kit including a Journal and a We Design Conversation Card Deck
  • Co-created digital artifacts
  • A self-directed learning framework Resource Sheets
  • Access to an online community of learners


Equitable design is profitable design. 

Learn why diversity, equity, and inclusion creates better design.

Diverse teams are strong teams.

Learn how to build and foster a diverse team.

Giving back is investing in the future.

Discuss how to give back to communities.


What topics are covered in this training?

Topics include

  • Defining Equity and Diversity
  • Unconscious bias
  • How to build a diverse team
  • Supporting a community of designers
  • Our roles as designers in equity
  • Becoming curious equity leaders
  • Applications to real-world projects
  • How to give back 
Who should participate?

Are you familiar with the design process and looking to learn about the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Professionals at any stage of their career are welcome to register individually for our seasonal cohorts. Participants do not need to be designers, but should be part of the broader design community.

Alternatively, groups of 6 – 150 from the same organization who are interested in a private training session should fill out this request form.

Do I need any prior training in diversity, equity, and inclusion to participate?

No prior experience with diversity, equity, and inclusion training is necessary.

How can I participate?

Individuals, please enroll in one of our seasonal cohorts.

Organizations, please fill out the request form to schedule a private training session.

Request Info

Interested in scheduling a private training for your team or organization? Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!