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January 14, 2020 | | View Comments

Our winter season is upon us, bringing with it a fantastic new roster of events and opportunities for you to spend time with Design Museum Portland.

Catch up with us at Design Museum Mornings, get a glimpse at what’s new at our Annual Meeting, or catch the Portland premiere of We Design. It’s going to be a busy winter! Make sure you’re part of it.

Design Museum Annual Meeting • January 22, 2020

CENTRL Office Downtown, 1155 SW Morrison, Portland, OR 97205

We’re opening our doors to you – our community – to look back on our impact in 2019 and look ahead at what’s to come including new exhibitions, education programs, special events and more. We’ll also award this year’s Distinguished Service Medal to an individual volunteer who made a significant impact at the Design Museum in 2019 – and we’ll share ways you can get involved with our mission to bring the transformative power of design everywhere.

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Design Museum Mornings: Remaking the Grade • January 31, 2020

BRIC Architecture, 1233 NW Northrup St #100, Portland, OR 97209

The understanding between teachers and students has traditionally been a one-way street: teachers assign work and students complete it according to a standardized rubric of conditions. But what happens when the conversation changes and students are encouraged to participate in the conversation regarding what constitutes satisfactory performance?

This is the premise behind grading contracts, a redesigned educational experience between teachers and students that promotes dialog and collaboration over a rote syllabus of expectations and assignments. Through this lens, instructors are able to cast off many ingrained—and often invisible—biases surrounding language, rhetoric, and understanding.

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We Design Opening Reception at Clay Creative

Clay Creative, 1615 Southeast 3rd Avenue, Portland, OR 97214

Join us in celebrating the opening of We Design: People. Practice. Progress.

We Design: People. Practice. Progress. brings together creatives from a variety of backgrounds to examine and celebrate the range of career paths, applications, and impact in design. The exhibition features career stories showcasing how people have forged their unique paths into different creative professions; from graffiti artists and architects to civic designers and research scientists, We Design emphasizes the need for more diversity in the design and innovation fields, and highlights the importance of equity and inclusion in terms of generating ideas.

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Design Museum Mornings: People-Centered Transportation • February 28, 2020

Simple Finance, 120 SE Clay St., Fl 2, Portland, OR 97214

How can we design streets, the most abundant public space in our cities, to work for all?

The places where we live, work, and play should reflect us, the individuals who spend time in them every day. Our individual points of view and diverse cultural expressions are the fabric of the communities and neighborhoods we’re all part of. As times change and communities and technologies evolve, it is the responsibility of designers to respond ethically, empathetically, and equitably—and the responsibility of individuals to hold these institutions accountable. But as changemakers are called to action, how do they ensure the decisions being made are fair for all?

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