Announcing Our New Summer Series

May 30, 2019 | | View Comments

We’re excited to announce a new series to maximize your summer design inspiration: Summer Story Hour!


Design is often used to tell a story. Design Museum Portland’s Summer Story Hour offers the opportunity to share tales of creativity and exploration, live and onstage. We’re meeting you where you want to be: outside, with a cold beverage, celebrating design.

Each event features a theme and a group of storytellers who share a unique experience adhering to that theme, drawing from the tellers interpretation. Whether it’s a student’s first forays or an established professional’s years of practice, their range of perspectives offer an audience inspiration, commonality, and good fun. Enjoy the evening with amazing rooftop views, tasty treats, delicious beverages from Super Brewing Co and Happy Mountain Kombucha, and the company of your fellow design enthusiasts.

Attend the entire series by purchasing a Summer Story Hour series pass for 25% off!


Event Dates & Descriptions

Summer Story Hour: Actionable Resilience

July 17, 2019 • 6-8:30pm 

@ Vestas • 1417 NW Everett St

How do we approach sustainability as it relates to our transportation, our energy usage, or the preservation of our historic roots? Join us as we hear the perspectives of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, broadening our understanding of what it means to look to a more eco-friendly future, while honoring the past.


Summer Story Hour: Small but Mighty

August 14, 2019 •  6-8:30pm

@ 52 Limited • 135 NE 9th Ave

Innovations in adaptive devices, VR/AR, and even cannabis are taking huge strides in compact design, making it more accessible to transport, distribute, and carry necessities. Join us for a multi-faceted conversation about the small things making a big difference, featuring entrepreneurs and individuals who are taking things into their own hands, to get them into yours.


Summer Story Hour: Beyond Barriers

September 18, 2019 • 6-8:30pm

@ Uncorked Studios • 811 SE Stark St

The best design comes from creative thinkers who are living and breathing the world they’re designing for, with the ability to practice real-time empathy and be the voice for their own underrepresented communities. Hear individuals who are pushing the previously-held limits in the design field and opening the industry to new and better design. From apparel, to accessibility, to the outdoors, these designers are forging new paths to make the world better for everyone.


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