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November 1, 2018 | | View Comments

Make an end-of-year gift to support the future of Design Museum Portland.


Hi there!

From the products we use, to how we get to work, and the systems through which we share information — designers work to solve problems, innovate, and improve the world around us every day. For 5 years, Design Museum Portland has been bringing innovative programs and concepts to life, from Extraordinary Playscapes, to Bespoke Bodies, to Street Seats. We’ve focused on the transformative impact design can have on education spaces, prosthetic devices, the urban environment, or virtual and augmented reality. Our goal is to feature the transformative power of design and inspire the next generation of creative thinkers.

With your help, we hope to continue bringing impactful exhibitions, events, ideas, and conversations to the public — and expanding our breadth of impact by showcasing more designers from all walks of life. Please consider making a year-end gift — your support for the Annual Fund makes our work to bring the transformative power of design everywhere possible — we have some great benefits listed below to recognize your generosity.

Thank you! I look forward to making 5 more years of design impact with you!

Sam Aquillano, Executive Director


The Gamma Architects team from Street Seats pose with their B_Tween Bench

Father and daughter work on crafting their own prosthesis in one of our Bespoke Bodies kids’ workshops

Kids playing after the opening of the new Playform 7 playscape for Extraordinary Playscapes

Give $25

  • Receive a personal OR virtual high-five! If you’re up for it, we’ll tag you on social media and make you Insta-famous!

PortlandGive $50

  • Recognition in Design Museum Magazine.
  • Admission and recognition at our 2019 kickoff Design Museum Mornings event.
  • Plus the high five!

Give $100

  • Receive a limited edition Design is Everywhere t-shirt.
  • Plus everything above!

Give $250

  • Recognition in our next exhibition, We Design: People. Practice. Progress. — your name on the opening wall!
  • Receive a private tour of We Design for you and a friend – we will walk you through the exhibition, providing insights along the way!
  • Plus everything above!

We Design Book renderingGive $500

  • Be the first to receive a signed copy of our next major publication: We Design (with your name in it!).
  • Plus everything above!

Give $1,000+

  • Get a first look at our next exhibition. Join us the evening before the public opening for an intimate look with our Executive Director.
  • Receive an advanced digital copy of We Design. We’ll include your testimonial in the printed book and give you 3 signed copies once we go to print!
  • Plus everything above!