Design Museum Mornings: Heroic Drones


August 17, 2018
8/17/18 8:30 am - 8/17/18 10:00 am


2018-08-1708:30:00 2018-08-1710:00:00 Design Museum Mornings: Heroic Drones Explore how drones are saving lives by changing the ways we collect and analyze information.   Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) have changed ... 1155 SW Morrison St, Portland, OR 97205 Design Museum Portland

Explore how drones are saving lives by changing the ways we collect and analyze information.


Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) have changed the way we live. They allow for full situational awareness without risk to life or limb. Insitu’s first aircraft was developed in the 90s to take meteorological data over the oceans, in situ, as contrasted with remote measurements from satellites. Their unique launch and recovery system was originally intended to be used on on boats, which lack the runway space for a typical UAS launch or recovery. This “catch and release” system is also highly effective in remote land environments, like Olympic National Park in Washington.

In 2015, the Pacific Northwest experienced one of the worst droughts in its history. Olympic National Park is one of the wettest places on Earth, and is technically designated as a rain forest. The massive old growth trees that sprawl throughout the park made it impossible to use traditional fire fighting techniques like cutting a fire line. Manned helicopters had difficulty in identifying hot spots due to the extremely dense growth. Insitu recognized that their UAS would be able to increase the efficiency and safety of both the manned aircrafts and firefighters on the ground. Their UAS were able to identify and track hotspots in real time, and convey that information to both the manned aircrafts and firefighters.

“When the pilots of the manned aircraft started to realize the synergy that can exist between manned and unmanned assets in fire suppression efforts, their attitudes shifted from being reluctant to have our team operating nearby, to preferring our team’s support in fighting the fire.”

Fly past the line at the door and grab your tickets to Design Museum Mornings today to learn how unmanned aerial systems can make us smarter and safer with Insitu at CENTRL West End, August 17th from 8:30-10am!

Doors open at 8:30 am, presentation begins at 9:00 am. Breakfast will be served.

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