Announcing Our Fall 2017 Lineup!

August 28, 2017 | | View Comments

Fall is just around the corner!

This season we’re bringing you a breadth of design impact that will inspire you to look at the world around you from a different lens. From VR/AR as a tool for practicing human-centric design to using design processes to imagine a more vibrant city, you won’t want to miss it! Check out the full lineup below!

Sneakers With Soul • 9/22

Keynote Jenn Scholes, Senior Color Designer at Nike, will share her experience as a designer with the Doernbecher Freestyle project and working with patient Kira Smith in 2013. The Doernbecher Freestyle program pairs the children’s hospital patients with Nike designers and producers to create shoes that reflect the children’s passion, creativity, and imagination. Through Victorian textiles, Alice in Wonderland motifs, and endless inspiration, the Jenn and Kira told the story of Kira’s battle and triumph over OCD on a sneaker that ultimately launched Kira’s now thriving fashion career. Seeing the design through to creation marked a powerful experience for Kira and Jenn alike. Get your tickets today!

VR For The People • 10/20

Virtual/mixed reality technology represents a momentous shift in the world of design, allowing for more accessibility, collaboration, and empathy than ever before.  Shelley Midthun, Executive Director of Oregon Story Board, strives to introduce and educate anyone who is interested in VR technology, including intensive workshops, events, and even an artist-in-residency program that allow for a diverse set of abilities to intermingle under one roof. Shelley will discuss the implications of VR design across and between a variety of disciplines, how it can be used as a tool for human-centric design, and how and why it should be accessible. Register now for this opportunity!

Provocations for a More Vibrant City • 11/3

Explore the minds of designers, architects, and urban planners as we imagine a more vibrant Central Eastside with Michael Tingley, Principal at Bora Architects. Michael and the Bora Research Team recently identified an opportunity to rehabilitate an empty lot on the Waterfront in Portland’s Eastside. Amidst rapid growth and clashing directions of makers and developers, our city is in need of citizen voices and creative minds to provoke well-designed solutions. Michael and his team implement design strategies, such as charrettes, site research, and sketches, to imagine a brighter Portland. Registration opens soon – save the date!

Workplace Innovation Summits • 10/27 (BOSTON), 11/17 (SAN FRANCISCO)

The workplace is changing. Are you? Well-designed organizations and workplaces translate into higher productivity, happier teams, longer employee retention, and increased revenue. Now, more than ever, innovation is essential to economic success. We’re looking to the future and bringing together some of the most innovative thought leaders in the nation to help us shape the future of the workplace. Attendees will be treated to world class keynote presentations, deep dives into cutting edge project case studies, and the latest trends in workplace innovation. Attend in-person or via our live stream in Boston on October 27th and San Francisco on November 17th!