Design Museum Mornings: VR For The People


October 20, 2017
10/20/17 8:30 am - 10/20/17 10:00 am


2017-10-2008:30:00 2017-10-2010:00:00 Design Museum Mornings: VR For The People Discover how Virtual Reality makes design accessible, collaborative, and more daring than ever before with Shelley Midthun, Executive Director of ... Iron Fireman Collective 4784 SE 17th Avenue Portland, OR 97202 Design Museum Portland

Discover how Virtual Reality makes design accessible, collaborative, and more daring than ever before with Shelley Midthun, Executive Director of Oregon Story Board.

Join us for the October’s Design Museum Mornings!

Keynote Shelley Midthun will explore the human-centric design of VR and how it allows for cross-disciplinary understanding through empathy and collaboration.

Virtual/mixed reality technology represents a momentous shift in the world of design. As a tool, it broadens designers’ abilities immensely. It also presents a unique opportunity for connection between industries who have previously struggled to understand one another. Virtual reality takes its users beyond the imagined hypothetical design and submerges them in actual experience—whether that be the layout of a building or the feeling of a prosthetic limb. This accessible encounter makes design easier to understand and lays the groundwork for collaborative projects that would be otherwise infeasible.

To take full advantage of VR’s potential, the technology must be available to, and designed by, more than a specialized few. Shelley shows us that the more diverse and broad the group of people who can access this tool, the more abundant the opportunities for innovative collaboration. Significant and exciting changes are already occurring as a result of this new mode of design, and VR will continue to expand as a tool for connection, understanding, and working together.

…There’s nothing virtual about this new reality. The experiences are real. They will change us all.  The way we interact. The way we create, learn and play. But what this world becomes is up to you.” 

Taking place at the Iron Fireman Collective the morning of October 20th,  Shelley Midthun will discuss the implications of VR design across and between a variety of disciplines, as well as how and why it should be accessible. Complete with breakfast and coffee, this Design Museum Mornings is not to be missed!

PLEASE NOTE our venue change! Iron Fireman Collective is at 4784 SE 17th Ave.

Doors open at 8:30 am, presentation begins at 9:00 am. Breakfast will be served.

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