Celebrating Women’s History Month

March 13, 2017 | | View Comments

This month is about elevating women that are doing incredible things for their communities. The world is powered by people who are courageous, passionate, and kind, and we saw the love and support for those individuals during last week’s International Women’s Day.

Here are some of our favorite female design advocates who are making waves in Portland and beyond. 

Allison Kim, Cushman & Wakefield

Green buildings, nourishing foods, arts and music – Allison has certainly tackled some of the most important aspects of personal, professional, and cultural well-being. As the head the Sustainability Services at Cushman & Wakefield, Allison works with designers and developers to ensure that our future will be more earth-conscious. In addition to her work in the sustainability field, she even has entrepreneurial experience in designing healthy and environmentally-friendly snacks for families. Allison has the gift of speaking both design and business, and takes pride in connecting the two to create impactful work.


Maudi Admiraal, Tony’s Chocolonely

Did you know that many of the chocolate farmers in West Africa use child slavery in their cocoa fields? Tony’s Chocolonely is changing the chocolate industry through their powerful story and mindful design, educating both chocolatiers and consumers about knowing the source of your chocolate. Before you scarf down your next bar, see if you can spot the countries of West Africa hidden in the design! Maudi hails from the Netherlands and is working with like-minded PDX staples, including New Seasons Market, to raise awareness, one chunk of chocolate at a time. We can’t get enough of the future of chocolate, thanks to Maudi and her team!


Tina Snow Le, Instrument

A Portland native, self-proclaimed Magic Maker and Art Director at Instrument, Tina’s passion coincides directly with ours: fusing design and community to ignite change. She has tackled projects that range from encouraging public interaction with the homeless to elevating local musicians to encouraging celebration for no reason at all. If there is one area that Portland designers flourish in, it’s that powerful concept of collaborative change, and we are abuzz with the energy that Tina possesses. We take nominations by Creative Mornings seriously, and are delighted to highlight Tina.


Olga Tuttle, Teutonic Wines

What do you get when a New York native craves German-style wine in Oregon? This isn’t the start of a joke; it was actually the start of our favorite wine company, Tuetonic Wines. Olga works with a local designer to create custom labels and logos that bring their bottles to life and reflect the rock-loving culture of the company (our favorite being the “rock on” hand gesture found spray painted throughout their SE tasting room). She also volunteers for organizations that work with animal rescue and recovery. Get a taste of this fabulous locally-produced wine at our Spring Celebration next week!


Jennie Kalberer, Gerding Edlen

Jennie has been one of our original supporters and we can’t say enough positive things about her. As Director of Marketing and Design at Gerding Edlen, she is truly taking over the world with sustainable and gorgeous buildings in PDX and beyond. If you make it out to Chicago, visit the Xavier Apartment building in Cabrini Green, where you can check out our Green Patriot Posters in the lobby, as well as Portland artist and powerhouse Ann Hudner’s work throughout the complex! Collaborative, environmentally-conscious, and aesthetically pleasing – Jennie’s work is top-notch.

Brittney Herrera, Interior Architects

Not only is Brittney’s work impressive and impactful, we just adore spending time with her. As a Senior Interior Designer at IA Interior Architects, she is changing the interaction experience of office spaces in Portland, including projects with New Relic and Bixby Land Company. She has served as president of the New England chapter of IIDA and shows tremendous support in the community, including serving as a juror for the Oregon Chapter Finals of the IIDA Western Region Student Design Charette. Brittney is certainly active on multiple levels of PDX design!


For these powerful women and women everywhere, thank you. Keep changing the world!