Twitterview • Annabelle Selldorf, Selldorf Architects

March 23, 2015 | | View Comments

Every season Design Museum Portland hosts a live twitterview with an interesting figure in the design community! We were pleased to tweet with Annabelle Selldorf, founding principal of Selldorf Architects, a New York City-based architecture practice, and one of the 5 world-renowned female architects featured in the film MAKING SPACE/5 Women Changing the Face of Architecture. Read our 140 characters or less twitterview with Annabelle below, then join us for additional insight into Annabelle’s life, passion, and work during the March 29th screening of Making Space!


DM: Hello #AnnabelleSeldorf, thank you so much for joining us for today’s #DMPTwitterview!

AS: Thank you, so pleased!

DM: We’re honored to screen MAKING SPACE here in #PDX, can you share your impression of/thoughts on the film?

AS: It provided a personal view on women designers, showing an array of personalities and their way of realizing their vision

DM: In 140 characters, can you describe what is it like to be a contemporary female architect?

AS: Women bring a different attitude, a collaborative and inclusive spirit. I think their presence has changed the dialogue.

DM: Much of your work is in the arts realm, can you explain how that came to be?

AS: I love art and it suited my restrained aesthetic. Early supporters @_MichaelWerner_ @davidzwirner led to more opportunity.

DM:  This question comes from @nicolegarton_: I’ve always been fascinated with ____ (fill in the blank).

AS: I’ve always been fascinated with what elements go into making a successful public space.

DM:  Do other types of design influence your work?

AS: Books, music, art. I’m inspired by different ways of thinking about people in public space. It shapes how we live together.

DM:  What are three items you couldn’t live without?

AS: Seasons, nature, hope

DM:  Lastly, what’s next for #AnnabelleSelldorf?

AS: Exciting things! A major expansion of @mcasd in La Jolla, CA and a new arts center for #LumaFoundation in Arles, France.


Thank you to Annabelle for participating and to Sara Martin for helping to orchestrate the Twitterview. To learn more about Selldorf Architects, visit their website here. And don’t forget to follow Design Museum Portland on Twitter! We’ll see you in Twitterverse for our next#DMPTwitterview.

Photo Credit & Copyright: Jason Schmidt