Our Future World (Preview)

2050: It’s up to us.

At Arup, I work as a foresight practitioner, where my job is to consider the future of the built environment and how today’s designs can make an impact; as well as thinking about the future impact we want to make to consider how we can design things today to achieve a future that is fit for us all.

Photo courtesy of Arup

By Jonelle Simunich, Senior Foresight Strategist, Arup

In writing Arup’s 2050 Scenarios: Four Plausible Futures, a report recently published envisioning city life in 2050, we struggled when we got to when we got to one particular scenario, the Post-Anthropocene. While the other three scenarios (Human Inc., Extinction Express, and Greentocracy) consider both positive and negative aspects for society and natural systems. The challenge for Post-Anthropocene—where both society and planetary conditions improve—lied in that we all thought we knew what the positive future would looked like; harmonious, green, peaceful, plentiful, and so on. This is meant to be the future we all want to see, to live in, to inhabit, yet it was the most difficult to envision…









From Design Museum Magazine Issue 015