Origami Hearts Garland

Design Activity (Ages 5+)

Learners will make an origami heart garland while exploring their emotions.

Origami Heart image
Learners will…
  • Work through the creative process while learning something new

  • Develop fine motor skills

  • Understand how to communicate with empathy and explore their feelings

Share your garland on social media with #DesignTogether and we’ll feature examples in our Design Together online gallery.


5 Origami sheets of paper illustration
  • 5+ Sheets of 3”x 3” paper.

Tape Illustration
  • Tape

Rope Illustration
  • 3+ Feet of string or ribbon.

Origami Fold 1 illustration

1. Fold your paper in half on the diagonal.

Origami Fold 2 illustration

2. Reopen your paper, fold it in half again from top
to bottom, making a cross-shaped crease.

Origami Fold3 Illustration

3. Hold your paper with a point up, then fold the
top point down to the center crease.

Origami Fold 4 Illustration

4. Fold the bottom point to meet the top.

Origami Fold5 illustration

5. Fold the right side to meet the middle crease.

Origami Fold6 illustration

6. Fold the left side to meet the center crease.

Origami Fold7 illustration

7. Flip it over to see the beginning of your heart!

Origami Fold8 illustration

8. Fold the left and right outer corners in.

Origami Fold9 illustration

9. Fold the top points down.

Origami Fold10 illustration

10. You made a heart!

Hearts Garland illustration

11. Place your hearts on the string.
12. Tape the folded points of your hearts to the string.
13. Hang your beautiful garland!


Name as many feelings as you can.
What does a heart symbolize to you?

How can you show empathy when your friend
or sibling is feeling sad or frustrated?

You’ve completed your project garland!
Share how it feels with your family or friend.
Ask how they feel!

Download a printable version of the entire activity.

This project was designed by Zara Woodhead, a teacher of Elementary Visual Arts in Boston, and supported by the Design Museum Education Fund.