New Additions to the We Design Exhibition!

There’s always room for more stories. That is why we have expanded our We Design online exhibition to feature 17 new career stories showcasing leaders and innovators across a range of creative professions.

By Journee Harris

We Design is an online exhibition highlighting the voices of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), women, and gender non-conforming people in design. In our recent updates, we feature designers like Silvia López Chavez, a community-based artist who collaborates with the city of Boston to develop public works and Oen Hammonds,  Design Principal at IBM, who is passionate about mentorship and innovating employee experience design.

We believe that equity and inclusion is necessary in the traditionally white and male dominated field of design. “Design is everywhere” and We Design showcases the many manifestations of design careers. To some, a design career might mean creating “tools for living”, like the late product designer Sara Little Turnbull or founding a design firm like Mikyoung Kim, the award-winning international designer and landscape architect. A career in design could also be as unique as Dr. Rodrigo Salazar Gamarra’s, a technology innovation consultant who utilizes his background in dental surgery to make facial prostheses more accessible. 

These stories serve as a resource to young people and traditionally underserved communities who have been excluded from the industry for far too long. Each career story provides a transparent look at the hobbies, family histories, career changes and industry struggles that have shaped these designers into the trailblazers and experts they are today. As a permanent exhibition,  We Design will continue to evolve and expand because at Design Museum Everywhere we understand that there is always room for more people, more practice and more progress.

New career stories: 

Angela Medlin Founder of Functional Apparel & Accessories Studio (FAAS)

Denise Rush Dean of Boston Architectural College  

Elizabeth Lowrey Principal Director of Interior Architecture at Elkus Manfredi Architecture

Jocelyn Rice Athletic and Outdoor Apparel Designer at Columbia

Kat Holmes Director of UX Design at Google 

Marisol Centeno Founder and Creative Director of Estudio Marisol Centeno & Bi Yuu

Mikyoung Kim Founder of Mikyoung Kim Design 

Nancy Carbonaro Photographer & Visual Consultant

Oen Hammonds Design Principal at IBM

Paloma Medina Founder & Creative Director of 11:11

Rodrigo Salazar Health & Tech Innovation Consultant

Ruwan Jayaweera Associate Principal at PAE Engineers

Saba Ghole Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of  NuVu Studio

Sarah Schaab Solutions Engineer and Web Developer 

Sara Little Turnbull Product Designer & Innovator

Silvia López Chavez Artist & Designer

Tonie Esteban Associate Principal at BRIC Architecture