Design Museum Foundation is a nonprofit, nomadic design education organization.

Our mission is to educate the world on the role of design in our lives and to unite the community in ways that enrich our collective work, make businesses more competitive, and solve real-world problems more creatively. After all, design has the power to make our everyday lives more comfortable, more efficient, more exciting, more rewarding, more… better. 

Design is everywhere. So are we.

We are inspired by revolutionary design: the fruitful result of thoughtful problem solving and a willingness to break with tradition. This is why our museum has no permanent address. Design Museum Foundation a national nomadic network of design museums, popping up all over the country, producing exhibitions and events in places where people already go. Whether in a gallery, retail environment, public space, or on the web, our programming gives audiences new insights into the design process and the greater social, economic, and environmental contexts that both affect and are affected by design. 

Visit us online and in Boston, MA; Portland, OR; and San Francisco, CA. Interested in having Design Museum Foundation come to you in your city? Let us know!

Design is for everyone.

We produce public exhibitions, events, and online content to show the who, why, and how behind the things we see and use everyday. We aim to highlight the positive impact good design and innovative thinking can have on literally everything. Our programs and content grow design awareness, increase design understanding, build design engagement, and develop design practice.

Our goal is to be the most accessible design museum in the world. You don’t need to be a designer to attend an event or exhibition, our programs are for everyone. We take great care to be inclusive, collaborative, and welcoming to all.