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Design Museum Magazine is our quarterly print publication about design impact. Each issue contains stories from creative thought leaders on how they’re using design to change the world. You’ll read stories from all 12 of our Design Impact Areas: Vibrant Cities, Workplace Innovation, Education, Play, Data Visualization, Business, Social Impact, Sustainability, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, Social Equity, and Civic Innovation. Plus you’ll get the latest information on upcoming exhibition and events at the Design Museum.



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Issue 13 • Fall 2019

Executive Director Letter: Business. Design. Value. | Sam Aquillano

Interview: Through the Eyes of an Architect | Phil Freelon

Financial Wellbeing Intervention: Empowering Walmart’s Workers | Dustin DiTomasso, Mad*Pow

Designing in Blue: How IBM Adopted Design at Scale | Charlie Hill, IBM

What’s the best technology in workplace? Design. | Meredith McCarthy, Sasaki


Issue 12 • Summer 2019

Executive Director Letter: We Design. | Sam Aquillano

Interview: Lifelong Learner and Teacher | Josh Owen

Planning with the Public in Greece: Reimagining Lycabettus Hill | Amy Chester and Isan Sasson, Rebuild by Design

It’s Time for Open Source Healthcare: We must set healthcare free. | Juhan Sonin, Jennifer Patel, and Jonathan Follett, GoInvo

From Forest to Oasis: Innovating on the Concept of Workspace | Dave Madson, CBT


Issue 11 • Spring 2019

Executive Director Letter: A Decade of Design Impact | Sam Aquillano

Interview: Inclusion Applied Creatively | Kat Holmes

Learning Beautiful: Building computer skills without computers | Kim Smith 

Designing Greentown Labs: The Largest U.S. Clean Tech Incubator | Felice and David Silverman, STA

Urban Revolution through Data: Urban3’s visual approach to understanding property values in cities and towns | Rachel Quednau


Issue 10 • Winter 2019

Executive Director Letter: Close Collaboration | Sam Aquillano

Interview: Purpose Driven Design | Amy Heymans, Mad*Pow

The Collaborative RelationshipProsthetist and Patients Co-Create | Brian Heckathorn, Hanger Clinic 

Turning the Inside OutThe Workplace Meets Mother Nature | Leigh Stringer, EYP

Sell by Design: Achieve Dramatic Results by Combining Design Thinking & Sales | Ashley Welch & Justin Jones, Somersault Innovation

Issue 9 • Fall 2018

Executive Director Letter: For the Kids | Sam Aquillano

Mothership: Embedding Empathy into Health Culture | Martelle Esposito, MPH

Create Local, Launch Global: Onehundred is Ushering the Next Industrial Revolution | Dave Laituri, Onehundred 

Out on a Limb: The Tree Canopy Walk at the Morris Arboretum | Aaron Goldblatt, Metcalfe


Design Museum Magazine Issue 08

Issue 8 • Summer 2018

Executive Director Letter: Creative Placemaking | Sam Aquillano

Street Seats: Urban Placemaking in Portland | Erica rife & Monica Andrews, Design Museum Foundation

Awakening Cities: Transforming the Built Environment with Sound & Light | Anastasya Partan

Experimenting with Education: Cambridge Public Schools’ Design Journey | Angie UyHam, Cambridge Public Schools

Design Museum Magazine Issue 7

Issue 7 • Spring 2018

Executive Director Letter: Workplace Innovation Insights | Sam Aquillano

Connecting a Vertical Campus: Designing the Workplace of the Future with Adobe | Natalie Engels, Gensler

Science on Display: A New R&D Center for Takeda Pharmaceuticals | William Harris & Jeremy Dearborn, Perkins + Will

Kronites Unite!: Relocating and Consolidating into Kronos’ New HQ | Amy Lalezari, Environments at Work


Issue 6 • Winter 2018

Executive Director Letter: The Year of Portland | Sam Aquillano

Moving Faster: Applying Modern Design to Prosthetics | Paul Sohi, Autodesk

Compact Urban Living: The Search for New Affordable Housing Typologies | Adam Gonzalez, Stantec

Open Schools: New Design Directions in Learning Environments | Michael B. Horn


Issue 5 • Fall 2017

Executive Director Letter: Year in Review | Sam Aquillano

From Pod to Place: Village-Making Through Participatory Design | Todd Ferry, Portland State University

Making Space for Makers: A New Concept for Makerspace at Tufts University | Toni Loiacano & Valerie Towe-Farnsworth, EYP

Human Operating System: Design Thinking for Sustainable Healthcare | Bill Hartman, Essential


Design Museum Magazine Issue 4

Issue 4 • Summer 2017

Executive Director Letter: Engage! | Sam Aquillano

Building Strong Connections: A New Context and Headquarters for WS Development | Elkus Manfredi Architects

Brand is the New Black: Designing Workplaces with Identity | Meredith McCarthy, Sasaki

Architecture in Revolution: A Designer’s Journey Across Cuba | Abby Gordon


Issue 3 • Spring 2017

Executive Director Letter: Designing in Public | Sam Aquillano

Rethinking Boston’s Storied Planning Agency: Human-Centered Design in City Hall | Jon Campbell & Ken Gordon, Continuum
A New Life for Impact: One Designer’s Journey from Tragedy to Catalyzing Change | Suzanne McKenzie, Able Made

Urban Office: Research at the Intersection of Workplace and Public Life | Kristian Kloeckl, Northeastern University


Issue 2 • Winter 2017

Executive Director Letter: Make Change, Citizen Designers | Sam Aquillano

The Office Renaissance: A Rebirth. And Why It Matters. | Christine Congdon, Steelcase

Learning While Doing at Acera: A Small, Startup School as a Microcosm of what’s Possible | Stefanie Friedhoff, The Acera School



Design Museum Magazine Issue 1

Issue 1 • Fall 2016

Executive Director Letter: Introducing our 12 Design Impact Areas | Sam Aquillano

Commentary: Some barbarian or another is always at the gate | F. Philip Barash

Where Design Meets Play: A Research-based Approach at Smale Riverfront Park | Kate Tooke, Sasaki

Prototyping Safer Streets: Demonstration in Burlington, VT | Julie Flynn & Mike Lydon, Street Plans Collaborative


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