Design & Play Kickstarter Campaign

We’re excited to announce our Kickstarter campaign to support Design & Play, a new book about design and the importance of outdoor play featuring the amazing content from our Extraordinary Playscapes exhibition.

After 3 years of research, and installations in Boston and Portland, the exhibition is now on-view at the San Francisco Public Library — complete with playscape design case studies from around the world, the history of outdoor playground design, the science of play, and more. Thousands have enjoyed the exhibit, and the number one question we hear is, “Is there a book?”

We’ve been quietly working on Design & Play as a print resource to inspire the next generation of outdoor play environments. And now we need your help!

Our 30-day Kickstarter campaign is live! We hope you’ll be among the first to back the project. In addition to supporting the project, we hope you’ll share the project with your friends and colleagues as well!

Thank you!

Sam Aquillano
Executive Director