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Past Issues

The Healthcare Issue

Issue 017Winter 2021

The Future of the Office

Issue 016Fall 2020

Design Thinking for Rocket Scientists

Issue 015Summer 2020

Design Impact Posters

Issue 014Winter 2020

Phil Freelon: Through the Eyes of an Architect

Issue 013Fall 2019

Josh Owen: Lifelong Learner and Teacher

Issue 012Summer 2019

Kat Holmes: Creative Inclusive Tech

Issue 011Spring 2019

Amy Heymans: Purpose Driven Design

Issue 010Winter 2019

Mothership: Healthcare for New Moms

Issue 009Fall 2018

Street Seats: Urban Placemaking in Portland

Issue 008Summer 2018

Workplace Innovation Insight Report

Issue 007Spring 2018

Moving Faster

Issue 006Winter 2018

From Pod to Place

Issue 005Fall 2017

Building Strong Connections

Issue 004Summer 2017

Rethinking Boston’s Storied Planning Agency

Issue 003Spring 2017

The Office Renaissance

Issue 002Winter 2017

Where Design Meets Play

Issue 001Fall 2016