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  • Sarah Drew

    With a BFA in photography, Sarah originally envisioned her career as a photojournalist traveling the world, grant-to-grant. However, when she started working at a project management firm in Boston to pay back student loans, she quickly realized she had a passion for connecting place, people, and community. Since then, she has worked nationally and globally […]

  • Jessica Finch

    Jessica is a Principal at Selbert Perkins Design where she oversees placemaking projects. She has over 20 years’ experience in public art and experiential graphics, working in collaboration with architects, owners, artists, fabricators, and project managers, often on complex, multi-faceted projects. She is passionate about forging unlikely partnerships to achieve shared outcomes and developing concepts […]

  • Renae Geraci

    Renae Geraci has been doing customer/user research and leading teams for over 20 years, working in industries that span consumer goods to enterprise software. She currently leads the Research & Operations team for Autodesk’s Architecture, Engineering & Construction Design organization. Previously, she led the UX Advanced Development team at Bose. Renae serves as a lecturer […]

  • Adam Gesuero

    Adam is creative director at Image Conscious Studios, an independent creative services studio that is brand-centric and user-focused, dedicated to creating outstanding branded design solutions across all things digital. He works with clients large and small to meet a constantly changing set of demands using strategic design solutions to solve real-world business problems. Prior to […]

  • Ross Guntert

    Ross has global design experience that spans over 10 years. He has a strong commercial office building portfolio having worked on projects around the world. Ross is admired by clients and co-workers for his innate ability to articulate business goals and vision into a tangible reality. Sometimes, this means coloring outside the lines, challenging design standards and generating […]