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  • Aidan Borer

    Aidan is a researcher, strategist, and designer who has spent the last ten years helping organizations grow by creating better products and experiences for their constituents. Passionate about designing sustainable, equitable solutions to systemic problems, he loves working with nonprofit and for-profit organizations in the pursuit of delivering meaningful social and commercial impact. With a […]

  • Tracy Brower

    Dr. Tracy Brower is a PhD sociologist studying work-life fulfillment and happiness. She is the author of a new book, The Secrets to Happiness at Work as well as her previous book, Bring Work to Life. She is Vice President of Workplace Insights at Steelcase and a contributor to and Fast Company. Tracy is an […]

  • Amy Bucher

    Amy Bucher, Ph.D., is Chief Behavioral Officer at Lirio, where she leads a team of behavioral scientists and health experts focused on designing and establishing the value of AI-powered behavior change journeys to drive better personal and population health. She brings over 15 years of experience in digital health product design coupled with deep behavioral […]

  • Alfred (Alf) Byun

    Alfred Byun has designed award-winning spaces for some of the world’s most innovative technology and creative companies, balancing research, data and analytics with a keen understanding of the human experience to create transformative work environments. As a Design Director of the Strategy Lab, Alfred’s approach is deeply rooted in the notion of co-creation. Guided by […]