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  • Jodi Vautrin

    Jodi Vautrin is a Senior User Experience Designer at Sonos, working at the intersection of hardware and software. A systems thinker, she is driven to design products that transform people’s tangible and intangible experiences with the world around them. She describes her role as “translator between humans and technology”, with the ultimate goal of empowering […]

  • Dan Vlahos

    Dan Vlahos is a Boston-based designer, artist, and educator. Vlahos is currently Assistant Professor of Visual and Performing Arts at Merrimack College where he teaches in the Graphic Design program and is presently a Presidential Fellow in the College’s Interdisciplinary Institute. Vlahos’ multidisciplinary design work has been recognized by the AIGA, the One Club and […]

  • Cathy Wissink

    With over 25 years’ experience in the technology industry, Cathy Wissink has been fortunate enough to work on a diverse portfolio of products and programs that serve a global audience. Having worked in both product development and technology policy, she has had the opportunity to merge both areas into her current role as Senior Director […]

  • Angela Yeh

    Angela Yeh is a Talent Strategist, public speaker, and industry expert on talent evolution with over 12,000 followers. With decades of executive career coaching and recruitment experience, she founded Yeh IDeology, a talent strategy consulting firm, that helps employers identify, nurture and cultivate the best talent teams through Talent Strategies, a proprietary methodology developed to […]