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  • Jonelle Simunich

    Jonelle is a Senior Strategist + Consultant in Arup’s Global Foresight + Innovation team. She has a formal background in urban planning, practical experience as an architect and a perpetual curiosity for the world. Jonelle believes the key to building a better world is an ability to generate unique experiences that will impact lives through […]

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  • Dr. Melissa Steach

    Dr. Melissa Steach is an industrial-organizational psychologist and overall business creative focused on workplace well-being and holistic leadership. Her passion is for helping organizations develop cultures that enhance, empower and engage their employees for the betterment of everyone. This holistic view – inclusive of the human, built, and intangible environments® – is her definition of […]

  • Janet Stephenson

    Janet has lead Katerra’s western US sales since 2017, as the company set out to change the industry through technology, manufacturing and supply chain integration. Her reputation as a passionate advocate for sustainability and market transformation developed over 23 years of experience with leading AEC companies including NBBJ, Arup, AECOM, Sellen, and AIA. She has […]

  • Adam Stoltz

    With degrees in social science and urban planning, Adam spends his professional life at the intersection of people, behavior, and the built environment. Based in New York, and with a special place in his heart for Boston, Adam’s work takes him nationwide exploring our complex relationship with space and place. His expertise includes portfolio, occupancy […]

  • Emma Stone

    Emma is a product experience consultant with a background in neuroscience and a passion for design thinking. She strives to understand, connect, and build. At the micro level, Emma is fascinated by the way neurons fire and wire as we learn and construct behavior. At the macro level, she strives to understand people, empathize, and […]