Gliding to Success (Preview)

The MBTA and thoughtbot Launch an App for Train Officials

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), known locally as simply “the T,” is the leading public transportation provider in the metro-Boston area. Before the majority of the city was restricted to the walkable radius around their homes, the MBTA and thoughtbot partnered for a digital communications project on the T’s most complex line, the Green Line. The Green Line is a light rail system, with multiple branches and a two branch extension currently underway.

Photo by Kyle Tran

By Jaclyn Perrone, Design Director, thoughtbot & Katrina Langer, Head of Web and Content, MBTA

Picture it: a trolley click-clacks through treelined streets, carrying baseball fans and college students down Commonwealth Ave in Boston. It stops at Harvard Ave, where more than 4,000 people board the train every single day. Passengers tap their CharlieCards and load cash on their tickets, asking the driver where to exit for Fenway, or where to transfer to the Red Line. Meanwhile, cars cross in front of the train–over 4 lanes of traffic and 2 sets of railroad tracks to continue their journey up Harvard Ave towards Downtown Boston…









From Design Museum Magazine Issue 015