Remaking the Grade

Erin Briddick, Instructor of Communication Studies, Portland Community College

The understanding between teachers and students has traditionally been a one-way street, what happens when the conversation changes and students are encouraged to participate?

What happens when the conversation changes and students are encouraged to participate in the conversation regarding what constitutes satisfactory performance?

This is the premise behind grading contracts, a redesigned educational experience between teachers and students that promotes dialog and collaboration over a rote syllabus of expectations and assignments. Through this lens, instructors are able to cast off many ingrained—and often invisible—biases surrounding language, rhetoric, and understanding.

Communications Professor Erin Briddick will lead us in a discussion surrounding grading contracts and their impact on equitable assessment, relationship design between teachers and students, and decolonization in the classroom. Erin’s empathy-focused implementation of these ideas explores the experiences of students tasked with designing their own education and the benefits of this innovative, collaborative process.

Jan 31 • 8:30am – 10:00am

BRIC Architecture

1233 NW Northrup St #100, Portland

Erin Briddick
Portland Community College

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Contract grading dismantles the racism inherent in point-based grading of writing assignments, and I am in love with it.”
— Erin Briddick, Instructor, Portland Community College

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Design Museum Mornings
1233 NW Northrup St suite 100, Portland, OR 97209, USA

JAN 31 • 8:30-10:00am

BRIC Architecture
1233 NW Northrup St. #100 Portland, OR 97209


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