People-Centered Transportation

Jessica Zdeb, Portland Office Director, Toole Design

How can we design streets, the most abundant public space in our cities, to work for all? The places where we live, work, and play should reflect us, the individuals who spend time in them.
Our individual points of view and diverse cultural expressions are the fabric of the communities and neighborhoods we’re all part of. As times change and communities and technologies evolve, it is the responsibility of designers to respond ethically, empathetically, and equitably—and the responsibility of individuals to hold these institutions accountable. But as changemakers are called to action, how do they ensure the decisions being made are fair for all?

Meet Jessica Zdeb, the Portland Office Director of Toole Design, one of the organizations thinking about these issues by exploring and planning the ways we move through the world. Jessica will walk us through her experiences designing radically inclusive transportation systems, those in which our transportation systems are thoughtfully and intentionally designed to be welcoming to everyone.

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As the Portland Office Director at Toole Design, Jessica Zdeb helps communities draw upon their values to make transportation decisions. Jess is a city planner with experience planning for multimodal transportation at scales ranging from corridor to campus to region throughout the U.S. She has led numerous projects to create connected networks that enable people to walk, bike or take transit to school, work, and other destinations. Jess came to city planning through interest and experience in environmental sustainability which drives her commitment to helping cities make low-carbon transportation more accessible, enjoyable, and welcoming to all.

Toole Design is a leading multimodal transportation design and planning firm. The firm’s 200+ planners, engineers, and landscape architects throughout the United States and Canada are committed to helping cities create innovative streets and dynamic communities where people of all ages and abilities can enjoy walking, biking, and access to transit.

Feb 28 • 8:30am – 10:00am

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120 SE Clay St., Fl 2, Portland

Jessica Zdeb
Portland Office Director
Toole Design

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Jessica has a rare combination of passion and skill which translates into results, while her ability to develop relationships with key constituents is potentially her greatest strength.”
— Jami Lewchik, Senior Brand Manager, Unilever

Jessica is enterprising, insightful and energetic. She is a problem-solver: creative, collaborative, and self-motivated.”
— Paul Waddell, Urban Scientist, Planner and Innovator

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FEB 28 • 8:30-10:00am

Simple Finance
120 SE Clay St., Fl 2
Portland, OR 97214


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