Endstate (Preview)

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By Stephanie Howard & Bennett Collen, Co-founders of Endstate

In 2007, Kanye West began collaborating with Nike on his signature sneaker: the Air Yeezy. A cultural saga marked by radio show drama, never before seen hype, and billion dollar clashes would ensue, ultimately resulting in West’s rebuke of the Swoosh.


Throughout 2008, West was spotted rocking Air Yeezy 1’s, his celebrity friends were all given prototypes, and before long, the release of Nike Air Yeezy 1 became one of the most anticipated fashion releases of all time. As the sneaker rolled out, first in the “Zen Gray” colorway, then the “Black/Pink,” and finally the “Net” colorscheme, each release sold out instantly. The sneakers commanded $2,000+ on the secondary market (after a pedestrian $215 retail price tag), and soon after, fans began begging for the next installment: the Nike Air Yeezy 2…


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From Design Museum Magazine Issue 022